• Why Our Games?

    Eat healthy, exercise, and learn nutrition while having hilarious fun! Eat to Win brings all of these elements into games for the entire family! PLAY YOUR WAY HEALTHY!!! A fun new approach to being healthy! Unlike anything you have tried before!
  • Basic Concept

    Each fun dollar equals 1 calorie! Our board game uses fun money to pay for landing on foods around the board but also lets you earn money for doing activities and learning FuNutritional facts! Now take this concept into real life using our kid's Reality Edition and weight loss explosion app for adults where YOU BECOME THE GAME PIECE!
  • About Us

    Eat to Win was created by a concerned mom whose own child struggled with being overweight. Child obesity in America has become a major issue. An unhealthy lifestyle is a common problem among children and adults. Eat to Win was created to help encourage nutrition and exercise in fun and active games. Please share your stories with us on Facebook and Like Us on Facebook to receive a discount! Our games are in agreement with MyPlate.gov.

Welcome to Eat to Win!  We make fun and interactive games for the ENTIRE FAMILY!  Our goal is to help children and adults learn nutritional values, exercise and eat healthy while having loads of fun!