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Keep It Moving – Check out the video

Keep It Moving is an exciting, awesome 5-day exercise and education  program for youth.  It incorporates music, dancing, physical activity and health education!

An interactive DVD features the characters Rappin’ Roy and Reggie Regg’ the Magic Man.  The DVD includes a motivational message for each day to mentally stimulate and encourage the participants.  Following, the characters lead a 20 minute exercise/dance session for the participants to simulate.   

The Keep It Moving program can be instituted in any class, educational setting, facility or even at home.  

One Hour of Exercise a Day – The DVD and the suggested physical activity equate to at least one hour of physical activity. Due to the activity being of aerobic nature, the results can have substantial benefits such as the following:

• Avoidance of weight gain, losing weight, and maintenance of a healthy weight (If used as a weight loss program, weight loss gauged at approximately 1 lb. per week.)

Improved cardiovascular endurance, strengthening of heart and lungs

• Sound sleep • Increased energy

• Faster metabolism • Increased muscle and bone mass

• Muscular endurance • Improved ” exibility

• Maintenance of a healthy BMI average